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My latest release for Genesis 3 males and females

Unforsaken by art-by-Amaranth
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My new set for Genesis 3 female(s) is released at DAZ3D !

Rings and things

Bling bling by art-by-Amaranth
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My latest outfit, I went a bit Sci-fi.

Wanderer outfit available at Renderosity

Wanderer by art-by-Amaranth
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  • Watching: The 100 s4
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Just released today !

Hazel outfit and props by art-by-Amaranth
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  • Playing: Tetris *smirk*
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New outfit released !

Available at…


Violetta outfit by art-by-Amaranth
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I figured the genesis 3 female ladies could use a classy dress outfit with pearls and such !…

Classydress outfit by art-by-Amaranth
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This one turned out beautiful, pats myself on the back and is released today !…

Amethyst by art-by-Amaranth
  • Listening to: The Chainsmokers - Don't let me down
  • Watching: True detective S2
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Just released this week my latest outfit  for Genesis 3 female(s)…

Ayala Outfit by art-by-Amaranth
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  • Watching: Wayward Pines
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I've recently released a new outfit at DAZ3D :

Disco by art-by-Amaranth

Most of my items at RuntimeDNA will eventually move over to DAZ3D, the others that I retired on Renderosity found a new home here :) 
I'm not much of a writer so I keep my post short and sweet.

Thank you !

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Miss F. Cornelia Cogwright by art-by-Amaranth

The Mayor shook hands with the strangely outfitted woman.  Her grip firm, her fingers oddly warm, as she says something sounding like, “At your service, and call me ef-see-see.”   

Looking down at the business card she’d given him, - the illusory 3-dimensional quality not printed with ink but embossed as if done with a hot branding iron.

Then it clicked, she wanted to be addressed by her initials, “F.C.C.”

She had made quite a stir entering town, her wrought iron wagon, with fire cage and boiler - replete with strange copper fittings, rotating governors and flywheels all in motion. Horses bolted, town folk gawked at the denouement, a loud blast of steam whistle tailing off to a great hiss as she clambered down from the wagon.  

“Yes, Mr Mayor, I have heard of your drought” she said with bold confidence, “I can make it rain,”
Pausing for a long moment… she added in a conspiratorial whisper, “But I will need an advance to purchase the supplies we will need.”

Story by Will.

Miss F. Cornelia Cogwright a steampunk outfit for Pauline containing :

  • 1 Hatprop
  • 1 dress
  • 1 corset

2 Textures for each garment.

Morphs listed in the readme file.

Available :…

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Journal Entry: Sun Oct 18, 2015, 7:44 AM
Coven for Genesis 2 female(s) is available here

Coven by art-by-Amaranth

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  • Watching: The Walking Dead s6
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Both the char and outfit are available now !

Milo by art-by-Amaranth
  • Listening to: Free - All right now
  • Watching: Gotham
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Released !

StarryNight outfit for Star!

StarryNight by art-by-Amaranth
  • Listening to: Wanda Jackson - Funnel of Love
  • Watching: The Strain
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Faefolks outfit for Genesis 2 Female(s) by art-by-Amaranth

New at DAZ3D my latest outfit Faefolks outfit for Genesis 2 Female(s) with 5 beautiful textures by Shox-Design

Following shapes are supported
  • FBMAiko6
  • FBMBodySize
  • FBMBodybuilderSize
  • FBMEmaciated
  • FBMFitnessSize
  • FBMGiaBody
  • FBMGirl6
  • FBMGiselle
  • FBMKeiko6Body
  • FBMMeiLin6
  • FBMOlympia
  • FBMStephanie6
  • FBMTeenJosie
  • FBMThin
  • FBMVictoria6Body
  • FBMVoluptuous

Lots of other adjustment morphs and with Poser companion files.

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EvilOne, the outfit for V4 by art-by-Amaranth

Just released !
EvilOne, The outfit for V4

"Tis well known that evil comes to us disguised in many ways, sometimes dark and gothic, other times alluring and seductive.

This outfit will display her wicked side leaving no doubt in those who gaze upon her as to her intent. With a full set of body dials to make certain the fit will well show off her considerable charms, binding any male into a web of desires and degradations he will be unwilling to leave.

With a new head dress included and dynamic cloth options available, this dress and bodice, if combined with the EvilOne Headdress pack, will offer you a multitude of options that shall ensure that she is the Mistress of all the is evil and dark within your runtime.
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Happy New year !

Fri Jan 2, 2015, 5:29 AM
Happy New year to you dear visitors, friends, fellow 3D artists !

Many new and exiting things to come in 2015.

There's the next in line of the Evil wear series at Runtime DNa coming soon in January.

The Faefolk outfit at DAZ3D in January

and many more to follow.

Have a magical 2015 !!
The apprentice by art-by-Amaranth

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My Christmas freebies

Mon Dec 8, 2014, 1:58 PM
I've made several Christmas freebies this year, I will post them here once they get launched on the various sites.

I hope you'll enjoy them !

Viking hat for K4 @ Renderosity

Another Christmas freebie Pls dl it here

Christmas freebie by art-by-Amaranth

Christmas Earrings for HiveWired3D's Dawn at RuntimeDna

Christmas Earrings for Dawn Freebie by art-by-Amaranth

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I'm not that much of a writer, I try to limit myself to witty oneliners. If I have to come up with a story to "introduce" my store items my mind goes blank.
As of late I've been thinking to upgrade this account to premium but I'm hesitating ... is it worth, what more does it give you and do you fully use all these premium features ?

Don't hesitate to leave your two (Euro)cents :)

Have a great day and an even better tommorow !


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Thank you !

Sun Dec 30, 2012, 10:05 PM
Oh wow, this was nice waking up to. Someone just gave me a 3 months premium subscription. Thank you very much !

Happy new year and be blessed xxx

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Tue Aug 7, 2012, 8:23 AM
Past few days I've been updating my website
Lots of new and older items will be put in the shop there.

For new customers there's a 45% off coupon !

I'm also modelling a new outfit for Kids 4. I'll put up a render soon but right now I'm tackling joints and spheres in the joint editor!

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